Friday 22 March 2024

Nga Tawa student attends Space Camp in America


Some of you may be familiar with a movie called Space Camp. If not, here’s a brief plot recap – some kids go to a summer camp to learn to be astronauts, accidentally end up in space when they press the wrong button, and eventually find their way home safely.

It turns out that Space Camp is actually a real place, where you can take part in all kinds of space related activities, from simulated space shuttle landings to moon walks and stay in a look alike International Space Station. Our very own Gemma Lovewell spent five days at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama during the holidays.

Last year, while in Year 8, Gemma came across a Hall of Fame scholarship to attend Space Camp's Man on the Moon 50th anniversary. She wrote the required two essay paragraphs and carried out a science experiment on balloons. She was over the moon (note the pun) when she was selected for the scholarship and set about fundraising for her flights to America. 

She spent the week with around 100 other students, predominantly from the US. They loved Gemma's accent and she's kept in touch with a few of her new friends. She also had the opportunity to see more of America while she was there. Gemma's Dad, Glen is on a mission to see as many US States as he can and they managed to explore seven the following week!

Gemma shared her trip of a lifetime with a captivated room full of students and teachers in our whole school Assembly.

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