Student Wellbeing

Friday 9 August 2024

At Nga Tawa, we aim to create an environment where girls flourish

Our pastoral programme is based on the philosophies of positive psychology to support the overall wellbeing (hauora) of our students. Wellbeing is essential for engagement in learning and life, and underpins our teaching practice. Wellbeing is not only about feeling good, but also about functioning well within any environment.

Our school wide focus

We use positive education to provide our students with a toolbox that strengthens their relationships, helps them to build positive emotions, enhances personal resilience, promotes mindfulness, supports the development of a growth mind-set and encourages a healthy lifestyle. By providing our students with the tools to choose how they think and act in their daily lives, this enables them to be resilient and thrive in different environments. Considerable research supports our programmes, and this evidence indicates that positive student well-being encourages better academic engagement and achievement, contributes to the development of meaningful and supportive relationships, and ultimately allows our girls to lead engaged and meaningful lives.

We offer a number of pastoral care and student leadership programmes across all year groups

For example, many year 9 students are faced with change as they transition from primary to secondary school. For many, they have left home to board at our school. A specific resilience programme designed for young people in their first year of secondary school helps them to face these challenges with confidence and arms them with new skills. Our students are further supported by tailored pastoral programmes as they progress through their schooling. They are also exposed to cyber safety training and government endorsed programmes such as Mates and Dates and Loves Me Not.

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