Our Wellbeing Narratives

Friday 9 August 2024

Personal Narrative (Positive Health & Emotions) Mindfulness/Self-compassion/Non-judgmental Awareness/Courage/Acceptance/VIA Character Strengths.

Wellbeing Narrative (Positive Engagement) How do we set each other up to flourish? What skills and strategies do we need?

Year Level Narrative (Positive Relationships) Growth Mindset/Collaboration/Community/Contentment/Creativity/Courage/Respect/Integrity

Restorative Practices, Method of Shared Concern (Positive Behaviour) CURE (Connect, Understand, Rescript, Equip)/Curiosity/Courage (Vulnerability)/Compassion/Collaboration/Creativity

Future Focused Learning Narrative (Positive Accomplishments) Growth Mindset/Creativity/Critical Thinking/Collaboration/Equity/Diversity/Inclusive

Meta Narrative (Positive Purpose/Meaning) Christian Influence/Acceptance/Weakness is a strength/Compassion/Community/Gratitude/ Courage/Respect/Integrity

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