Term 3
School in Action Day
Term 4
School in Action Day
16 November

Senior Management Team

Lesley Carter
Vicky Power
Deputy Principal Curriculum and Operations
Marcelle Calitz
Deputy Principal and Director of Wellbeing
Helen Campbell

Heads of Department

Claire Horner
Director of Sport
Sally-Jane Smith
HOD Technology
Nicole Greensides
HOD Social Sciences
Alisha Maas
HOD English, Principal's Nominee
Tracy Quirk
HOD Mathematics and Statistics
David Tipi
HOD Music
Nicole Thompson
HOD Physical Education and Health
Penny Daddy
HOD Science


Joy Martell
Yr 9 Dean/Birch House Dean
Ashley Holland
Yr 10 Dean/Studholme House Dean
Marta Barham
Yr 11 Dean/Sprott House Dean 
June Jackson 
Yr 12 Dean/Baker House Dean
Coralie Harvey
Yr 13 Dean/International Dean

Teaching Staff

Nicole Sinarahua
Spanish and Commerce
Marta Barham
Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Calculus
Larissa Flutey
Textiles, Religious Education and Art
Richard Booth
Mathematics, Physics, Science
Yarden Kellerman
English, and ESOL
Marcelle Calitz
Carol Coleman
English, French
Penny Daddy
Biology, Science
Kim Duxfield
Religious Studies, Social Studies
Sandy Fryatt
Equine Studies
Ruth van Leeuwen
Coralie Harvey
Accounting, Business Studies, Commerce, Digital Technology, English
Ashley Holland
Chemistry, Science
June Jackson
Agriculture, Geography, Social Studies
Ezra Burt
Food and Nutrition, Health & Physical Education
Nicole Greensides
Classics, History, Social Science
Alisha Maas

Joy Martell
English, Drama, Junior ESOL


Vicky Power
Tracy Quirk
Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Calculus, Mathematics
Anne Smith
Mathematics, Social Studies
Sally Jane Smith
Design & Visual Communication Technology, Transition/Careers Advisor
Nicole Thompson
Health & Physical Education, Physical Education Studies, Health Education Studies
David Tipi
Drama, Music, Performing Arts, Core P.E
Rose Cruden
Health & Physical Education, Physical Education Studies


Libby Rayner
Director of Equestrian
Sandy Fryatt
Deputy Director of Equestrian
Anna Ash
Equestrian Coach
Robyn North
Equestrian Coach
Amy McVerry
Equestrian Coach


Jehanne Thomas
Yr 9 Boarding Manager
Ann Hammond
Yr 10 Boarding Manager
Wendy Henwood
Yr 11 Boarding Manager
Denise Nesdale
Yr 12 Boarding Manager
Coralie Harvey
Yr 13 Boarding Manager

Boarding Assistants

Chrissy Hika
Mary-Ann Elliot
Cheryl Baker
Beverley Brownless
Megan Walker
Sue Lochhead
Jane Kennington
Samritha Yean

Support Staff

Yvonne Hartley
Sports Co-ordinator
Suzette Stephens
Sally Patrick
Tracey Siva
International Student Coordinator
Lissaa Berezowski
Laboratory Manager
Paul Manning
Network Technician
Jenny Price
School Nurse
Karen Addenbrooke
Health Assistant
Monique Smart 
Health Assistant

Katie Gilmour and Sarah McVerry Marketing and Communications

Katharine Wood


Kate Nitschke

Catering Staff

Bruce Allardice
Catering Manager

Catering Team

Sandra Robb
Assistant Catering Manager
Donna Phasey
Sandra Grooby
Dorothy van der Hulst
Jennifer Kapea
Stephanie Mayes
Alison Motu
Lisa Perry
Sharon Ridley

Environment Staff

Dallis Hunt
Manager Cleaning Services

Environment Team

Paula Jury
Gail Kirton
Lisa Mackeres-Berbedes
Rebecca McEwen
Pat McNamara
Karen Mist
Leonie Newson
Donna Paulger

Maintenance/Grounds Staff

Damon Cheer
Rebecca Taiaroa


Janet Hastings
School Secretary
Cathy Lusby
Bursar’s PA
Sue Larkan
Tracey Brannelly
Enrolments Officer
Aimee Merrick
Performing Arts Administration

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