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Friday 9 August 2024

To support students and keep them safe at school we have an extensive Care Network.

Our Director of Wellbeing oversees both day and boarding school wellbeing. They oversee the running of the wider pastoral care programme offered at Nga Tawa and supports all members of the Pastoral Care team.

We have a Mentor Programme whereby each student is part of a mentor group which has a Mentor Teacher and a small number of girls from the same year level. Mentor Teachers develop a positive relationship with each student and work on the student’s Personal Development Plan (PDP). The PDP establishes annual goals (academic, personal and service), supports academic achievement and co-curricular participation, identifies learning styles, builds character, and ensures their overall wellbeing is nurtured, enabling them to succeed in their individual learning pathways.

Year Level and House Deans help keep the school safe by following up academic, behavioural and pastoral issues and support student decision-making.

Our School Chaplain supports, fosters and nurtures our students on their spiritual journeys. Our students have access to faith support through regular chapel services, religious education classes and the Sacristans student leadership group. Our Anglican faith has been the foundation of our school since its very beginning and our move to a restorative practice model was highly influenced by our Anglican special character. Students can choose to become baptised and confirmed by the Bishop of Wellington during their time at Nga Tawa.

Nga Tawa has an onsite Guidance Counsellor who works closely with the pastoral guidance team to support the running of wider wellbeing programmes within the school. She is also available for one on one support for our students. Most students seen by the Counsellor here at Nga Tawa are self-referred, however teachers and parents can also make referrals. We always endeavour to include parents in our work but it is a professional counselling service, therefore we respect confidentiality unless the student gives consent to include others or there is a serious risk of harm.

Our School Counsellor, Kate Nitschke, and our Director of Wellbeing, Katharine Wood, are both registered Education Psychologists.

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The Nurse and Health Clinic allow our students access to free health care and advice from registered professionals. Our School Nurse and Health Assistants provide immediate first aid assessment of illness at school. Support, assessment, education, treatment and referral is provided on a wide range of health issues. Monitoring of students with medication and long term health conditions are done in collaboration with parents/caregivers as well as the boarding and teaching teams as required. Students can be referred to external services, and have access to appointments with our School Doctor and Physiotherapist.

These are our School Health clinic services;

Registered Nurse: Jenny Price RCPN (9.00am –3.30 pm Monday to Wednesday)

School Doctor: Dr Andy Corser MBChB: (12.30-1.00pm Tuesday only) at Stewart Street Surgery, Marton.

Physiotherapist: Simon Louden (Tues and Thursday mornings)


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Our pastoral care extends beyond the classroom into our boarding houses where our Boarding Team is made up of around 14 women. Our boarding staff are kind, understanding and respectful of the students in their care, creating a home away from home. Our boarding staff have years of experience working with adolescent girls.

Our Big Sister support programme empowers senior students to be role models and a Big Sister is assigned to new students so they have a friendly “go to person” within the school.


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