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Students can choose to attend Nga Tawa as a full boarder, weekly boarder (Monday - Friday) or a two day boarder, which means they select two nights to sleep at school and go home the other days.

There are many benefits of boarding schools for girls. One of the major benefits of boarding is that it enables girls to concentrate on their academic and co-curricular activities during the week and be ready to reconnect with family when they go home.

In boarding, students have more opportunity to develop independence, at the same time learning how to live with other people. Our students learn invaluable lessons in self-responsibility. Nga Tawa is the perfect place to fail, succeed and learn.

A Supportive Educational Environment

As one of the smaller girls boarding schools NZ, we provide a truly supportive educational environment, where every one of our students is valued as an individual and their strengths, effort and potential are identified, encouraged and developed.

Our girls have access to co-curricular sport and cultural activities around the clock and academic staff are available to support with prep in the evenings and tutor individual students.

Setting Students Up For Success

When girls leave Nga Tawa they arrive at their destination with the ability to manage their own lives. They feel more prepared and able to communicate with and accept others, setting them up for ongoing personal achievement and success.

To learn more about our different boarding options, visit our Boarding FAQ page here. Contact the school office by phoning (06) 327 6429 for more information.

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