My Story, Emily

Friday 4 November, 10am
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Nga Tawa has become my home away from home. It is such a positive and inclusive environment to live in. Growing up, the thought of going to boarding school was threatening and negative, but since starting at Nga Tawa I have learned that it is the complete opposite.

Being an only child I always thought that when I came to boarding school it was going to be hard for me to fit in and adjust to the lifestyle, but since day one I’ve never struggled with this. All staff and students at Nga Tawa are extremely supportive and encouraging. Being from the South Island I am very far away from home and I thought that I would find it very hard to stay away from home for so long - but usually I find myself wanting to stay at school longer! I am involved in the Equestrian Academy which provides amazing opportunities in the equestrian world and our boarding structure is very accepting of our needs with our horses.

One of my favourite things about boarding is the time that you get to spend with your friends. Going to boarding school really does allow you to form life-long friendships. There is never a dull moment in Nga Tawa boarding. I will never regret my decision of coming to Nga Tawa and boarding has made me a much more organised, independent and confident person. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to come to a supportive, positive and encouraging school. Although the academics, sporting and equestrian are all amazing features of this school, boarding is definitely my highlight of Nga Tawa so far. My biggest piece of advice about coming to Nga Tawa boarding would be to not fear or worry about it as it is very welcoming and feels just like one big family.

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