My Story, Lily

Friday 4 November, 10am
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Changing from a co-ed day school to an all-girls boarding school was daunting to say the least.

As I packed my bags I questioned what I had got myself into. But this was only the beginning of what was going to be one of the best years of my life. I had been to the same high school from Year 7 to 12 and I thought that it would remain the same for Year 13. But we made the decision to come and have a look at the school as it had been at the back of my mind for the past year. So I said “okay” I would rather have a final look, than live my life wondering “what if?”

Coming to Nga Tawa was one of the best decisions I have made because it has been a once in a lifetime experience that I couldn’t have got anywhere else. I have made such good friends, as boarding enables us to really engage as a year group and with your peers; soon enough you become so close you’re like family.

Living in a cottage has allowed me to grow with some independence and responsibility while also doing so in a safe environment.

Flexi time and prep time allows students to thrive in their subjects with the dedicated time for those studies. Having my horse 100m from my bedroom, amazing teachers, great facilities and a loving community has made my time as a boarder at Nga Tawa better than I could ever could have imagined.

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