My Story, Makie

Friday 4 November, 10am
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My decision to transfer to Nga Tawa in Term 2 of my Year 12 year was something I never thought I would actually go through with or do because I absolutely adored my school and friends back down in Canterbury. However, I wasn’t progressing with my riding as much, with being at a school in the middle of town, so at that time I decided to put horses first and make the sudden switch much to everyone’s shock.

I honestly did not think I would like the school at all and told myself it didn’t matter as long as I could ride and progress further with my riding. Within a week though, I was completely proved wrong and to this day I have never looked back.

The flexitime sessions that the school offers Tuesday to Thursday afternoon is something I find incredibly helpful towards my studies and feel that everyone should take advantage of it. It is such a supportive environment here and every single member of the staff just wants to help you succeed.

Being able to live just 50 meters away from my horse has got to be the most special factor though, with no need to travel every time it has enabled me to have way more time to focus on my studies and also play football, another passion of mine.

I love boarding so so much, being with my friends 24/7, I believe I have learnt so many valuable life skills that I would not have otherwise, if I wasn’t living with 30 other likeminded girls. We aren’t just classmates or friends, we really grow to become one big family!

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