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Part of the Diocese of Wellington, Nga Tawa is one of the finest Anglican schools New Zealand wide. Our school has a strong foundation of Christian faith; it’s been a part of our story for 132 years. Building on that foundation, we strive to keep the Gospel at the heart of our school values of Respect, Integrity and Courage.

Our pastoral programme is based on the philosophies of positive psychology to support the overall health and wellbeing (Hauora) of our students. For a prospectus on our facilities and how we provide pastoral care as one of the leading Anglican schools NZ, call our office today on (06) 327 6429.

Promoting Emotional & Psychological Wellbeing

Spirituality is a central value of Nga Tawa. We encourage spiritual growth in our students as part of our goal to provide a more rounded education and facilitate resilience and personal growth. The school’s Chaplain focuses on the spirituality of students, while our pastoral programme provides a space for students to reflect on the actions and values that drive them to be the best version of themselves.

Encouraging Students To Explore Their Faith

Spiritual formation is integral to the Nga Tawa student experience. We encourage our students to explore their faith and we provide opportunities for them to do so through religious education classes, chapel services and a student faith group.

A Tight Knit Community

As a school with strong Anglican traditions, we set up our students for ongoing personal achievement and success. Our students grow to be well-rounded individuals who explore their own sense of self as well as the Anglican faith and continue to search for meaning and purpose in life. To find out more about why we are one of the leading Anglican schools, contact our office on (06) 327 6429.

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